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The Swamp

LightningBolt Theater of the Mind presents:

The Swamp


Description: When Rachel sleeps, the swamp awaits her. Every night, the dreams of something pursuing her through the twilight-lit marshland, come. Her real life isn’t much better. School’s proving to be a disappointment, and after her mom’s death, things really start falling to hell. When Rachel meets the new boy in her Math class, things get even stranger, stranger than she could have ever imagined.


Including the Voice Talents Of:

Richard Garner as Blake and the Demon

Tanja Milojevic as Rachel

Amanda Fur as Alice

Deborah Adams as Rachel’s Mother

Rish Outfield as Detective Davidson

Cary Ayers as Detective Manderson and Rachel’s uncle

Peter Katt as the Priest

Julian Bane as the Math Professor

Lilith Casler as Marty

Heather Grady as Student 1


Sound Effects - Self produced and obtained from the free sound project. (www.freesound.org)

Music - jamendo and composer David Beard


Nowhere - David Beard

Daddy - David Beard

Lebensraum - David Beard

Noisey Underscore Cresc - David Beard

End.1 - Thorns from A Rose

Nurse.2 Thorns From A Rose

Taylor Cepea Hayward - Mary

Max Di Fraia - Deserts

jean-pierre.saussac - Le retour du roi

Edge of October - 1.Descent

Dereleech - Graveyard at the Delta

Coax - Roads and Corners

A.T. - Spaces Of Dark And Light

21 Gramms - Rain

8213 - The Sun Shining In A Midnight Sky


This radio drama falls under the Attribution noncommercial no derivatives 3.0 creative commons United States license. No copyright infringement is or ever will be intended.

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