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Blood Ties

Rated Pg13 for violence, sexual references, foul language and gore.

Note: This varies from "One Drop Of Blood" greatly, it has similar characters but the story line is dramaticly different. Most of the promo however remains the same. The ending is changed.

Blood Ties is an original horror/Sci-Fi series created by Tanja Milojevic and Joshua Price. The storyline is loosely based on a novel titled "One Drop of Blood" written by Tanja Milojevic and Amanda Furr. The series centers around Angela, a young girl in her first year of college. With the help of her friend Bryan, she stalks and kills the local vampires that silently terrorize the townies of West Valley at night. When Angela's new friend Hope and Hope's mother Beth go missing, Angela and Brian are forced to work with Hopes cousin Lila and her boyfriend Brayden to try to find their missing companions. Being a strongly gifted telepath, Lila is more than qualified to join their small team. Brayden also has a few tricks up his sleeve, despite the fact that he is blind; he is a practicing Neo Pagan who can more than fend for himself. Together these four college students set out on a quest to find there friend and her mother before it's too late, or, if their suspicions are correct, before the vampires turn them.


Angela: Tanja Milojevic

Emanuel: H. Keith. Lyons

Braden: Joshua Price

Lila: Nikole Robinson

Sounds self-produced and obtained from the free sound project at freesound.org

Music “Globus” the song “orchard of minds”

This work falls under a 3.0 non-commercial no-derivative works United States License. Download it but do not sell it.

Thank you for listening!

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