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One Drop of Blood Episode IV
Loosly adapted from a book by Amanda Furr and Tanja Milojevic
*Rated: PG 13 There is violence, foul language, and some mildly explicit material in this radio drama series.
Hope's training begins as a new day dawns and Angela is left to deal with a new threat and her thoughts.
Hope: Amanda Furr
Angela: Tanja Milojevic
Brian: Mat Weller
Damien:Richard Garner
Beth: Debrah Adams
Cassandra: M Sieiro Garcia
Jason Rish Outfield
Customer: Kristington Jeanne Plotkin
Waiter French Restaurant: Cary Ayers
Mixing by Tanja Milojevic
Scripting by Tanja Milojevic and Amanda Fur
Music included:
Globus – Epicon - Orchard of Mines www.globusmusic.com/
Brandon K. Guttenfelder - Tazer's Choice
Brandon K. Guttenfelder - A Decision To Make
Coax - oak sestina
Q Snc - Stealing Flowers From A Grave
Jamendo.com - Killing Butterflies
This radio drama falls under the non-commercial no derivatives 3.0 creative commons United States license. No copyright infringement is or ever will be intended.
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