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Kingdom of Darkness: Arc 1 - The Legend of Kintallia Episode 05

Written by Joshua J. Price

Rated PG for minimal violence

Nullith uses an oblivious Reontee to see his plan to its completion. On this stormy knight on the castle grounds, the sorceress of legend, Kintallia herself returns from her exile.

Including the voice talents of:

Mavican: Tanja Milojevic

Reontee: Mat Weller

Nullith: Seth Bramwell

Kintallia: Deborah Adams

Elissa (castle servant): Kristyn Mass

Wallers: Joshua Price and Tanja Milojevic

Music: Kai Hartwig (www.hartwigmedia.com), and Kevin MacLeod (www.incompetech.com)

Sound effects: freesound.org or self-produced.

Licensed under the Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 United States License

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