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One Drop of Blood promo

An original radio drama series from LightningBolt Theater of the Mind coming soon!


*There will be violence, foul language, and some explicit material in this radio drama series.


When Hope and her guide dog arrive at her new inner-city college friendless and alone, and hope suffers the devastating loss of her mother, weird things begin to happen. Someone is following Hope, someone with a thirst growing ever-stronger. Angela has been a long time-resident of the inner city and attends the same college as hope. But she has other night-time duties, duties that work study credit does not extend to. Her business is slaying those who have the thirst. But someone is pursuing Angela with equal determination, someone from her past, someone she is sworn to destroy at their next meeting. When Hope and Angela meet in class and strike up an unlikely friendship, all hell breaks loose around them, and they have their own special demons to battle.


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Tanja Milojevic as Angela

H Keith Lyons as Emanuel

Mixing by Amanda Fur

Scripting by Tanja Milojevic and Amanda Fur

Music: Globus – Epicon - Orchard of Mines

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This radio drama falls under the non-commercial no derivatives 3.0 license. No copyright infringement is or ever will be intended.

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