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Lightningbolt Theater of the Mind was founded by voice actress/producer Tanja Milojevic in 2009. The company, since its inception, has been joined by a team of wonderful volunteer actors as well as a second primary producer/voice actor, Joshua Price.

Several consulting producers have also since joined including: Carol Foley (Strange Company), Lothar Tuppan (Broken Sea Audio Productions), Krystal Donahue (Morbid Butterfly), Mark Slade (Blood Noir), and Richard Summers -aka- Captain Radio™.

Our creative troop of highly skilled individuals work together to produce a wide range of content, spanning from Sci-fi to Horror to Romance to Fantasy and more. Whatever your style, we likely have something for you! We hope you will enjoy our offerings.

We always look to expand our listenership, and we are always listening to you. Your comments and feedback are always welcome. Please email us at tanja631@gmail.com or jjprice21@gmail.com, and thank you always for listening!