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LightningBolt Theater of the Mind presents

How Much Do I Love Thee...

Written by Stephanie Byng and Tanja Milojevic, and produced by Tanja Milojevic 


This radio drama is rated PG13 for violence, disturbing imagery and some adult situations. Listener discretion is advised. 




A girl (Liadan) with severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder gets expelled for Plagiarism from Iowa State University. She decides to hitchhike anywhere, in order to avoid a confrontation with her perfectionist abusive parents. A popular sweet football player Brad, picks her up, and offers to drive her to California. She is secretly obsessed with him, but does all she can to hide both her OCD disorder and obsession from him. As they fall for one another, Liadan reveals more and more of herself to him, and begins getting better. However, when he finds her diary, she snaps and… 



Robin Cantor (Relick) as Liadan

William Watt (CreaturesFarley) as Brad

Stephanie Byng (xancthus) as Susan

Dave Frizzell (Dpfrizz) as David

Glen Hallstrom (SmokeStackJones) as the dean

Rick Lewis as Liadan's father

Julie Hoverson as Liadan's mother

Jonathan Dolnier (pokejedservo) as the drunk bar man

Tanja Milojevic (LightningBolt) as the waitress

Kris Keppeler as the psychology teacher

Kelly Fanning as security guard1

Stephanie Byng (xancthus) as security guard2

All other voices were provided by the talented cast and: Alexa Chipman, Justin Young, Bill Rob, and Alexandra Ketana.


Sound design and mixing by Tanja Milojevic

Music director Stephanie Byng composed and arranged the music.

The music was obtained from The Music bakery,





We used the following music from looperman.com:

In the Presence of Cam by planetjazzbass, Endless dream orchestral version featuring Gizella by ccmastering, Life or death by NeoEnigma001, Novacaine by


Sounds were self-produced and obtained from




This radio drama falls under the no derivatives 3.0 creative commons license and is available for free distribution as long as the material is not altered in any way.

Copyright 2010 to Lightning Bolt Theater of the Mind.

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