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By Tanja Milojevic and edited by Stephanie Byng



Misty takes place in a future world where droids do our house cleaning work for us. Marry, an older wealthy British woman is preparing to welcome her daughter Hannah, and grandchildren Rose and Mandy to her home for the winter Holidays. Misty is the droid who serves the old woman. However, Misty is too slow for Mary’s liking. When cynical Hannah finds out that a droid is serving her mother, she suggests that Marry get rid of it. The two daughters beg their grandmother not to because the Droid has some awareness of life. Mandy takes a special interest in Misty, and wants to protect the droid. Will Marry simply get rid of Misty, or will she find some generosity within herself and show compassion?


Misty Cast:

Stephanie Byng of Lightning Bolt Theater as Marry

Tanja Milojevic of Lightning Bolt Theater as Misty

Julie Hoverson of 19Nocturne Boulevard as Hannah


Alexa Chipman of Imagination Lane as Mandy


Miyaka Minamoto as Rose

Jules Ismail of Darker Projects as Donations Collector


Andriana Marchio as Anna


Music performed by Frozen Silence from their album “Christmas Carrols”

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This audio production falls under a non-derivative noncommercial 3.0 creative commons license.

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