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My Immortal (Promo)
A radio drama adaptation of the popular (epically bad) fanfic by Tara Gilesbie
From LightningBolt Theater of the Mind.
Rated R for sexual content, foul language, and violence.

 When My Immortal originally appeared on FanFiction.Net, it was wildly popular, becoming one of the most read and reviewed works the site had ever seen. The 44-chapter epic saga was posted periodically from 2006 and 2007. It was written by a suspected troll by the name of Tara Gilesbie.
 The story is set in some weird, dystopian version of the Harry Potter universe where the struggle between good and evil has been replaced with an eternal struggle between "Goths" and "preps," and every main character is either gothic, emo, bisexual, a Satanist, a  vampire, or any combination of these. The story follows the protagonist Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way, a 7th year student at Hogwarts who wanders around having random sex and then describes her outfit for several paragraphs.
 This is a radio drama adaptation of the fanfic with no spelling errors, consistent character names, some plot holes fixed, actual Harry Potter spells added, and some pointless sex removed. It is a humorous attempt to give potential audiences a way into this world of Harry Potter by avoiding the painful process of wading through the sea of misspelled words and epic flops in plot. This fanfic is the new "plan nine from outer space."

Ebony: Nikole Robinson
Draco Malfoy: Jack Ward
Harry Vampire Potter: Robert Cudmore
Tom Riddle and Voldemort: Ryan West
Bloody Mary: Sirena Carroll
Britney: Amanda Furr
Dumbledore: Viktor Aurelius
Professor Trelawney: Julie Hoverson
Lucius: Seth Bramwell
Snaketail: Lee Koivunen

Sound effects self-produced and obtained from soundsnap.com and the free sound project.
Music obtained from "The Harry Potter Soundtrack."
This work falls under the 3.0 non-comercial no derivitives creative commons United States license This is a fan dubb of the Harry Potter fan fic "My Immortal" and in no way infringes upon J K Rouling's Harry Potter universe. Nor does it infringe on David Heyman's Harry Potter film series.

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