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LightningBolt Theater of the Mind presents

Peacemaker, Peacemaker, Little Bo Peep

by Jason Sanford

*Warning, this episode has content unsuitable for children, please listen responsibly. There is lots of violence and mature themes.

When your neighbors and friends suddenly turn against you because their dreams tell them to hate violence, your main priority is to survive. The world has turned upside down for Sgt. Glosser, Sgt. Davies and the convicted murderer Victor. They must stand together against the trillers (once their friends and neighbors) in a final effert to make it to safety with what remains of their families. In this crazy new world, the trillers are irradicating anyone who sees violence as a means to protect or harm; soldiers, police officers, figher fighters, criminals, and family members of violent people.

Sgt. Davies - Tanja Milojevic

Sgt Glosser - Peter Katt

Sheriff Granville - Rish Outfield

Pastor Jones - Big Anklevich

Lucy - Andriana Marchio

Deputy Buck - Richard Garner

Victor - Jack Kincaid (



Moses Bisel

Tobias Queen

Sale marchio

Andriana Marchio

Tanja Milojevic

Big Anklevich

Rish Outfield

Free sound

Music obtained from jamendo.com

Axial Ensemble – Premonition

Filippo Vicarelli - Silent Virus

Frozen silence – Childhood

Frozen Silence – Grotto

Frozen Silence – Lonelyness

Frozen Silence – Winter

Gears of War - Automn of Mankind

jean-pierre.saussac - La colere des partisans

Marc Teichert – Escape

Marc Teichert - Mission Briefing

Matti Paalanen – Dreamtide

Unreal - Avalon TCA Base

Sounds obtained from the free sound project and soundsnap.com

This is a 3.0 creative commons attribution non-commercial no derivatives creative commons United States License.

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