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Sky People

LightningBolt Theater of the Mind presents:

Sky People

By Philip S Jones

Post produced by Tanja Milojevic


Trying to establish a colony on an alien world is hard enough, especially when the planet doesn’t yield its bounty easily. Without the Wreath Portal, all would have come to nought; because of it the colony has prospered. Now there is another threat to our emerging civilization—who are the Sky Tribe and why are so many leaving the colony to join them?



Bruce E. Busby as Mygerian

Dylan Spencer as Kylan

Rish Outfield as Galad

Andrea Fontenot as Narian

Julian Bane as Teshyn

Music obtained from the hollywood SFX Library and from David Beard

Even Q6C - David Beard

Sounds obtained from the free sound project

This production falls under the 3.0 creative commons attribution non-commercial no derivatives creative commons United States License.

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