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LightningBolt Theater of the Mind presents


An original Halloween radio production from LightningBolt Theater of the Mind


When two College room mates spend Halloween night in their small apartment recording a “weirdest costumes I’ve ever seen” podcast, strange and unexplainable things begin happening. What are the scratching sounds Clair starts to hear? Her room mate Michelle goes to investigate, and it’s too bad she does…


Tanja Milojevic as Clair

Stephanie Byng as Michele

Cary Ayers as intro announcer


Music obtained from Jamendo.com

ALIENAQTOR - Iminente Ameaca

patetarro - intro patetarro

Roger Subirana - The Dark Symphony

The Scare Bears - Glitter Goth Girl

Sound effects obtained from the free sound project and recorded on location.


This was an on-location creative commons licensed production, copyright 2010 to LightningBolt Theater of the Mind.

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