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BLEEDING OF THE HEDGES: The City of Thorns Episode 01

Written by: Joshua J. Price with revisions by Carol Foley

Rated: Pg

Sound Design: Joshua J. Price

For nine years Damiana has reigned over those trapped inside the city of thorns; her father's blood taking over her senses and drounding out her humanity. During these many years of horror Ariana has been devising a plan to defeat Damiana as she feels responsible for   all that has happened  since her birth in the modern world.

Including the voice talents of:

Ariana - Krystal Camarco

Marcus/Lono - Lothar Tuppan

Damiana: Kristyn Mass

"Man" - Curt Rose

Eren - Teagan Freeman

Eglantine - Amanda Froats

Sound Effects:

Free sound project or self produced


Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
License: CC BY

"Air Prelude"

Kai Hartwig (www.Hartwigmedia.com)

"purplevapour", "Mushroom_Land"


"First Movement"


This production was produced underneath a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivative 4.0 International License

License: CC-BY-NC-ND


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