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Bleeding of the Hedges: The City of Thorns Episode 05

Written by: Joshua J. Price with revisions by Carol Foley

Rated: PG

Sound Design: Joshua J. Price

Rein and Jael go ahead with the mission that Sulis laid out for them and encounter those who hunt their kind. Marcus meets up with Ariana in the woods and together they discuss what to do about Damiana.

Including the voice talents of:

Ariana - Krystal Camarco

Marcus - Lothar Tuppan

Eglantine - Amanda Froats

Eren - Teagan Freeman

Rein - Joshua Price

Jael - Anna Corboda

Wallers - Joshua Price and Carol Foley

Sound Effects:

Free sound project or self-produced


Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
License: CC BY

"Air Prelude", "Quiet Panic", "Promising Relationship", "Private Reflection"


This production was produced underneath a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivative 4.0 International License

License: CC-BY-NC-ND


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