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Unseen Intruder

LightningBolt Theater of the Mind Presents:

Unseen Intruder


This drama is rated PG13 for fowl language, violence, and disturbing sounds. Listener discretion is advised.


On Halloween night, when there’s nothing to do but summon spirits and take the dogs out, how much can two girls handle when things begin “cooling down?” Will they be able to survive this “boring” night, or will they pass into another, more frightening realm? Listen and find out!


This radio drama has been nominated for the splatcademy awards by Julie Hoverson.

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Vocal Talent:

Amanda Fur

Tanja Milojevic

Family of Tanja Milojevic

This radio drama has been recorded on location.

Sound effects self-produced.

Music obtained from:



This radio drama falls under the Attribution noncommercial no derivatives 3.0 creative commons United States license. No copyright infringement is or ever

will be intended.

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